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A picture of the artist with "Miriam's Well" 3 Dimensional art piece.


     As a fiber artist, I use fabric, thread and embellishments to create connections and stir emotions. With the use of color, imagery, texture, and guided by my faith, I want to simultaneously honor cherished traditions, yet challenge the limited ways in which we may view them as well.

     The world is in a constant state of change, yet there is beauty to be found in the sometimes chaotic ebb and flow of that process.  I want to embrace all of this, finding balance and harmony in the midst of change, seeing how it evolves and reveals itself.

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My Journey in Fiber

Shannon Dion is a textile artist with a passion for art quilting and Jewish ceremonial fiber art. Her work is influenced by history, tradition, and modern innovation. Growing up in the country and tailoring experience also plays a role in the style and design of her work.  She enjoys working in both two- and three-dimensional fiber art.

She has been in love with fabric her entire life. Her Grandmother taught her to sew when she was five, and she was making her own clothes by 11.  While a student in college, (and with the bribery of food), she took a quilted vest class with her mother. Both women walked out of that class in love with quilting.

Shannon began her journey as a “traditional” quilter over 35 years ago, learning the basics from books and local quilters. As her knowledge and skills grew, she realized that she did not particularly like following the “rules”. Nor did she want to make quilts exactly like anyone else. Shannon has come to love the freedom and excitement of art quilting. In this art form she is free to express herself, challenge herself and grow as an artist. Her faith and love of this singular planet we call home have a profound influence on her work and guide her on her journey as an art quilter.

She is a member of SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates), Signature Artists L.L.C., and the Pomegranate Guild. She has taught beginning patchwork and quilting classes, has work in public buildings and private homes and has had work displayed in juried exhibits.

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